Box Life – Linux build and update

With Unity 4 we can now easily make games for Linux!

Like that – click! Click! Click! Type-type-type, click! More or less.

So, I have made a Linux build of my first person mini-metroidvania Box Life and updated a game a little. I have added one new ability and hid one secret a bit better.

Play in browser

Download: PCMac, Linux


2 thoughts on “Box Life – Linux build and update

  1. M.C.

    Well, you hid that secret a bit too well, because I wasn’t able to find more than 5. :)
    Nice little game!

    1. tequibo Post author

      Glad you liked the game!
      I have tweaked level design a bit to make it a bit easier to find that secret. (If that was the one that I moved, that you had trouble finding)

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