Fancy Skulls (In development)


Fancy Skulls is a First Person Shooter with random generation, permadeath and distinct art style where you defeat enemies using your skill, precision and caution. You play as an immortal creature who tries to escape capture from a collection where said creature is the main treasure.


Charon is Waiting (2012)

Simple and short point-and-click game about death of a gambler. Finished old project. For the sake of finishing.


Fog and Thunder (2012)

Peculiar roguelike where everything is affected by light. Outsmart foes. Be stealthy and cautious, because you are super fragile.


Box Life (2012)

First person metroidvania. Gain abilities, find secrets, escape from the box. Enhanced  version of my Ludum Dare 23 game
Download: PC, Mac, Linux.

Esc! Esc! Esc! – Game for  Ludum Dare 21

Simple adventure game. About escapes. Made for Ludum Dare (escape) under 48 hours. It’s very short and somewhat funny.


Gunpowder and Feathers (2011)

Platformer and somewhat puzzler too. You collect powers, but have only few seconds to use them. You play as Fred, who tries to save his brother from deadly decease.


Egg and Ghost (2011)

Survival arena shooter about ghost in suite that for some reason really cares about an egg and tries to protect it. You use randomly generated resources – various powers against variety of enemies to survive as long as possible. Like you can charge yourself with lightning that will strike any foe within some range, or slow down time, and such.


Pill Cannon (2009)

You play as a robot that saves people from suicide by shooting antidepressant pills at them. Programmed by Dmitry “zlumer” Radkovsky.


Idiots With Guns (2009)

My very first game about gentlemen who put on a blindfolds and shoot at eachother for fun.

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