21 thoughts on “Box Life

  1. Aleksandar Toplek

    Great game. It’s just… :[ i didn’t find any secret(s)… I didn’t even know there was secret xD I like it! Send me a link to LD entry and ill rate it!

  2. Joe

    This game was awesome! I love the simple mechanics but in sort of an exploration display, nicely done!
    I found 3 of 6, best I could do. Where’s the FAQ?

    1. tequibo Post author

      I think, because secrets won’t give you anything, except small reward at end screen if you have found 4 or more secrets, it’s more interesting if player would find them on her/his own. And I was kind of hoping that players would provide hints for other players:)

  3. Topher

    This is quite a fun game. I love how the progression of upgrades makes the exploration process increasingly entertaining.

    I found four secrets so far.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    Anyway, Thanks for the great game! I will keep looking. Anyone else have any hints?

    1. drabiter

      I found the way to get into that little hole, (dunnno how to put spoiler so I just hintting) use another secret room and go from bottom :)

  4. Topher

    Also, it seems as though the orange blocks stand out for a reason; I just can’t quite place my finger on what it is. Kudos for making a mind boggling game!

    1. tequibo Post author

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my game. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but, orange blocks are just for decoration, making environment more interesting and distinct. Also I’ve added spoiler tag to your previous comment, just in case. And if are looking for hints or even straightforward directions, there is some spoilery comments on kongregate, I’ve added link kongregate to this page.
      Update: Now orange blocks have a function.

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  6. ChemIisan

    Wish this game had a sequel now! Finding all 6 secrets took me about 30 minutes, but it was well worth it. In the future, might be nice if we could get rid of the orange blocks, maybe? ahahaha

  7. Aeschylus

    Wow, this game is great. You have some really enjoyable gameplay, and a cool visual style. Great job!

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  13. Emily

    I started to play but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Everything was (I think) pink and yellow, there were powerups but no colorful polyhedra to collect. There were no instructions, and I was in a very involved maze. I gave up pretty quickly. Then I decided to try the game again, and it was gray and there were things to collect and such.

    What was that about? I haven’t found anyone else who had my experience.

  14. Dauven

    Really fun, but short. I had no idea that those multi coloured balls could be placed somewhere, so even after finding all the secrets I spent a while wandering around. As for the secrets.

    1- Underground, requires jumping.
    2- Underground, requires fire and jumping.
    3- Inside, requires Fire.
    4- Entrance Inside another ‘secrets’ room, requires Jet pack.
    5 and 6- Requires Fire, Ice isn’t the only thing that melts.

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