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Fog and Thunder

Peculiar roguelike-like dungeon crawler with procedural generation and permanent death where everything is affected by light. Outsmart foes. Be stealthy and cautious, because you are super fragile.

Arrow keys or WASD – move
z  or spacebar Рsonar
x or f – switch light
c or e – change floor

Update 06.08.2012:
- fixing bug with spawning in void – attempt #2. now if player is nowhere level will be generated again
- added fix for case if player is not nowhere, but somewhere he is not supposed to be
- maximum number of health points is now 3
- some changes to user interface
- some balance tweaks

Update 04.08.2012:
- hopefully fixed bug with spawning in a darkness
- fixed bug where game would crash on victory in some cases
- fixed room with level generation
- bombs will collide with walls now
- ghosts will interact with white cells now
- removed fps meter


Support on kongregate.


2 thoughts on “Fog and Thunder

  1. monoral

    really excellent game. I was rubbish at it but i love the idea. keep up the original and inspiring work.

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